International Student Grant

The International Student Grant is a start-up grant meant for international students who have been accepted to study in certain International Master's Degree Programmes. You can read more about the grant on the International student grant website.

University of Helsinki Funds

These pages include information about grants offered byt the UH Funds and the application process. You can find more information about other grants offered by the university in the Flamma intranet (you need a University username in order to log in to the intranet).

To learn more about the funds or making of donations, please proceed to the Helsinki Insight pages.

Grant applications

The University of Helsinki Funds offers grants and scholarships only to students and researchers of the University of Helsinki (the only exception is The Cooperative Teaching and Research Fund).All applications and recommendations are registered using the electronic application system Aava.

The application time for the year 2015 was 27.1.2015 8.00 o'clock - 10.2.2015 15.00 o'clock (3:00 p.m.).

Information concerning grant applications 2015
Grants and scholarships open for application
Instructions for applying
Evaluation criteria
Awarded grants 2014

The travel grants for doctoral students will be open for application 17.2.2015­–10.3.2015, 3:45 p.m. For more information, please see the University intranet Flamma (requires a University of Helsinki username for login).

The applications are evaluated according to the uniform evaluation criteria of the University of Helsinki Funds. Individual funds may in addition have their own points of emphasis, which are mentioned in the fund application texts.

You can ask for information about grants, scholarships and grant applications from the university Student Services.

You can ask more information about donations and bequests from the university Donor Relations.

Supporting research, teaching and studying

The University of Helsinki Funds includes over 200 funds founded by our alumni, friends and other supporters. All the disciplines have their own funds used to finance research projects, researchers and students of their own discipline. In addition to the discipline-specific funds, the university also has cause-specific and general funds. You can find more information about the funds on the Helsinki Insight pages.